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Fall Chicken From Little Peace Farm!

Posted 7/17/2018 5:53am by Michael Scheidel.

Hey folks,
Yesterday was sticky.  Wow, even during the hot stretch a couple of weeks ago, I don't think I sweated like I did yesterday.  These humid conditions are not only uncomfortable but create great environment for tomato disease!  So, protect your crop using either a home made baking soda spray(click here for article) or an approved copper based product.  Here's a typical recipe from

A solution of 1 teaspoon baking soda to 1 gallon of water reduces instances of leaf burn. Add 1 teaspoon dormant oil and ½ teaspoon of dish soap or horticultural soap as a surfactant to help the mixture stick. Keep in mind the solution is water soluble, so apply on a dry cloudy day for best results.


We are taking orders for our fall batch of delicious pastured chicken.  We will receive day-old chicks the third week in August and will process them 8 weeks later, or mid-October.  These birds are raised in movable pens where they get plenty of sunshine, bugs and fresh grass with a move each day.  They are fed transitional organic feed from Panorama Organics Mill in Oley, PA.  Below are the details:  

*Chicken must be pre-ordered!  To pre-order, reply to this e-mail with the following information: how many birds you would like; would you like them whole or parted out (refer to fee below); would you like them vacuum sealed (refer to fee below) or just on ice to transfer to your cooler at pick up?
We are requesting a $5 deposit per bird ordered due as soon as possible.  If you respond to this e-mail with your order, we will put you on the list right away to reserve your chickens.  Checks can be made to Little Peace Farm 257 Moon Hill Dr. Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972.  Please refer to the details below about pricing and options. 
Prices are:
$4.50/lb. if bagged whole and less than 10 birds
$4.25/lb. if bagged from 10-19 birds  
$4.00/lb. if 20 or more birds
***additional optional fees***
$1.75/bird for cut up and vacuum sealed
¢.75/bird if whole bird vacuum sealed

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm