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What's Going on at Little Peace Farm?

Posted 9/7/2018 8:09pm by Michael Scheidel.

Hey Folks,
Wow, that was a hot blast this week!  Despite the heat we were able to get most of our farm chores done, which honestly really never get done.  Most of our fall broiler chickens are out on pasture, we've got happy hogs staying cool in the woods, and fall crops are still being planted.  It looks like we are in for some cooler weather finally, which I welcome after such a steamy summer.


Tomatoes and cucumbers are finally petering out.  Cherry tomatoes will be available for a couple more weeks but slicing/heirlooms and our pickling and slicing cucumbers are just about done.  As soon as we tear the plants out of their beds in the high tunnels we replant with fall/winter crops like: carrots, kale, arugula/Asian greens, pac choi, swiss chard and more.  Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale are already planted outside and should be ready by early October.  In the fields, peppers of all types are going strong.  Our colored frying peppers are super sweet and our hot peppers are still peaking.  If you are afraid of eating raw hot peppers, try pickling some for winter! Heirloom pole beans and yellow wax beans are still producing and our last planting of pole beans is just setting flowers so we should have them until SOMETHING kills them. 

Our lettuces have failed miserably this summer but our succession plantings are just starting to take off.  My hope is that we will have salad greens for the rest of the season and well into the early winter.  With all the rain, this was a really good season for potatoes so we will have them well into winter.  Speaking of the "w" word, winter squash like spaghetti, butternut, delicata, and acorns are looking good, as are the sweet potatoes.


We have about 15-20 broiler chickens available for sale from our fall batch, which will be ready by mid-October.  All details can be found on previous posts.  We also are looking for buyers for our fall woodlot raised pork.  Pork can be purchased by the half or whole hog (half sound like too much??? Split with a friend!).  Price is $4.50/lb. hanging weight (usually between 150-175#) and customers pay the butcher fees separately.  If you are interested, let us know and we'll get you on the list or help you through the process.  It's easy, it's healthy, and it's delicious!  All of our animals are fed organic/transitional organic feed from Panorama Organic Feed in Oley, PA.


We are looking for volunteers here on the farm for the next few weeks.  Chores would include some picking/washing but lots of weeding!  Those interested should be in good physical shape, be able to withstand some heat, cold, bugs, heavy-ish lifting, uneven ground, and a lunatic farmer.  It can be pretty nice being planted in the top field to weed for a couple of hours in relative peace and quiet!  Please respond if interested.    

Stay tuned for more fall farm news. 

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm