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Fall CSA, Pork Packs, and More Farm News!

Posted 10/1/2018 6:34am by Michael Scheidel.

Hey Good Folks,

No doubt, across the region this has been a rough season with all the rain and early heat!  For us, the worst since 2013.  Weeds competed with new plantings which couldn't be cultivated because the ground was mud!  It was also impossible to do consecutive plantings in mud.  When we did have brief times of dry, we took advantage and did the best we could.


After long consideration we have decided to NOT offer a Fall CSA this season.  This has been a very popular offering and we came to the conclusion carefully.  We are concerned that because of the difficult season, we wont have enough fall/winter produce to be sure to have enough for CSA members.  The CSA model is always a gamble and relies on trust between the farmer (Will he produce what we paid in advance for?) and the member (Will they support us in advance and through tough seasons?).

THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS!  We will be having Saturday markets throughout the fall.  Selections will include; potato, sweet potato, winter squash, garlic, onion, kale, arugula, broccoli, pac choi, Asian greens, lettuce, carrots, radish, turnip, cabbage, and more.  Will you support us and come out during Saturday Market?  

Pork Packs/Whole and Half Hogs

We are offering several 50# packs of our own woodlot raised/organically fed pork.  These packs will include 50# including cuts like; chops, roasts, ribs, bacon, ham steaks, and sausage (Italian/breakfast).  The cost is $275 wrapped and frozen.  They are available currently and can be picked up either this Tuesday from 4-6 during our regular CSA pick up and Market or this Saturday between 9-12!  Let us know if you are interested ahead of time and we will have your order ready!  

For those who prefer a larger quantity for the freezer, we are offering half and whole hogs.  The price is $4.50/lb. hanging weight (usually between 150-175#) and customers pay the butcher fees separately.  If you are interested, let us know and we'll get you on the list or help you through the process.  It's easy, it's healthy, and it's delicious!  All of our animals are fed organic/transitional organic feed from Panorama Organic Feed in Oley, PA.  Availability is limited so if you are interested, reserve yours right away!    

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm