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Down on the Farm Christmas Market this Saturday!

Posted 12/7/2018 7:54am by Michael Scheidel.

Hi good folks!

It's Emily here.  I am currently a bit sleep deprived, somewhat delirious, but excited about our Christmas Market tomorrow!  With my houseful of wonderfully busy children, homeschooling, farm chores, and the rest of life's demands, it seems the best time for me to "work" is when all is quiet here...yes, that means the wee hours of the night.  So, when you see me tomorrow, kindly ignore the dark circles under my eyes and if I am babbling nonsense, just chalk it up to my late nights in the kitchen. 

This year, I am excited to bring back some of your favorite items: bacon salt, chai tea, throat drops, bourbon glaze, some yummy liquid refreshments, throat jelly, hot cocoa, and many more.  Look for some new items on my table too!  I made a delicious Christmas Jam that is so pretty and tasty too.

Today I will be baking fresh loaves of a crowd-pleasing, rustic baguette.  Perfect with a warm bowl of soup!  Gracie is taking over the baking duties of our gingerbread, cinnamon, and cranberry almond breads.  Just what you need during a day of shopping locally.  Leah has brought back her very popular chocolate chip cookie butter from last year.  It is gluten-free and perfect as a dessert dip.  Jude is tying on his apron this year as he masters the art of the jumbo cookie! 

Justice is in the wood shop making some new candlesticks from wood he cut down from our farm.  Lucy and Grandma have been busy sewing her adorable, hand-drawn pillows.  And the littler ones, Hope, Norah, and Gabe, have been working hard at their items as well!  They are excited to share their treasures as you will see by their huge grins when you walk by. 

We hope you will stop by tomorrow from 11-3 to shop locally, support your local farm family, and find something unique and personal for those you love this year.

I am so blessed with the bustle of our life, but it really puts me in the Christmas spirit to enjoy the quiet of a cold winter night, to ponder the mystery of a King's birth in a lowly stable, and to be grateful for the wonder and joy of that gift to us all.  

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm