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Funny Story at My Expense

Posted 12/27/2018 10:52am by Michael Scheidel.

Hey Folks,
Last Christmas, our great neighbors Mike and Jeanie let us stash bikes and some other gifts for the kids in their basement.  They enjoyed seeing the surprise come together but what they didn't see might have brought more smiles than the gifts. 

After returning from Christmas Eve Mass, eating appetizers and giving the kids ONE traditional gift, they were all finally in bed by about 11 p.m. (it's harder to get teenagers to bed than little ones!).  It was time for Em and I to get to work.  My task was to sneak 7 bikes and other gifts from the neighbors basement down to our house without waking them OR our own kids.  No problem.  With about 4-6 inches of ice-packed snow on the ground I crunched my way across the frozen snow and decided there was no way I was taking 7 or more trips. 

So while sitting on and peddling one bike, I intended to hold the handlebars of the other bike next to me and do two at a time.  The plan worked brilliantly...for about 10 feet of a 300 yard attempt when the handlebars of the bike I was riding promptly spun 90 degrees from center causing the bike to stop quickly...real quickly.  My lower hemisphere painfully connected with some part of the bike while the rest of me didn't quite fly over the handlebars, more like a stall then a roll onto the crunchy snow.  Beautiful.  A real 10 if my performance was being judged.  I sprung up quickly as if it had happened on a summer boardwalk full of people but as I looked around, there was nobody.  Just a beautiful snowy farm scape and two bikes in the snow. 

I laughingly whimpered and limped the two bikes back to the house to tell Em about the sweet move I just made and how I wish someone saw it unfold.  How I wish I saw that moment, as a spectator.  I would have told myself, nope not a good idea, take your time, don't rush, don't do it, don't do it!  The most surprising thing which was totally out of character for me is that I didn't go right back for the next round and try the same method over again!  Progress!  So after inspecting and confirming I didn't need stitches, I shuffled my way back and forth to the neighbor's basement until all the goods were brought home.    

Gratefully Growing!

The Scheidels

Little Peace Farm