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Tuber Tragedy, Bulk Tomatoes and Basil

Posted 8/3/2011 6:19pm by Michael Scheidel.
Hey folks.


For the past three years we've lost major crops due to disease or drought.  Two years ago late blight took all of our tomatoes.  Last year we lost over 2000 heads of lettuce and 3/4 of our garlic to hot and dry drought conditions.  This year.........potatoes.  We should be in the middle of harvesting about 3000 lbs. of these luscious tubers but we actually only dug about 300 lbs.; the same amount of seed we planted in May!  Our plan was to have these in quantity through winter but we've learned, NEVER MAKE PROMISES IN FARMING.  The loss is going to impact our income as we get a great price for a great product.  To our market customers and our CSA members, you are truly feeling the agreement of a shared risk of supporting LOCAL FARMS.  When there is abundance, we all enjoy and when there is lack, we all feel it (food is NOT an infinite commodity!).  We all live in the same region and share the weather so you all know how hot and dry it's been.  That being said, if you are offered or see potatoes on the table, take them.  They will be the only ones WE see for the year. 


All gloom and doom aside, if our sweet potatoes do as well as they look like they will, we will have a BUMPER CROP of them.  So stay tuned for sweet potato news!  Thank you all for your support

Tomatoes are IN so if you are interested in buying cases of mixed heirloom tomatoes let us know.  We also have bulk basil available.  Call or e-mail for pricing. 

Thank you all for your support!

The Scheidels
Little Peace Farm